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    Heard about a place called bikinis truck wash a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone has checked it out. Acording to the ad there are girls in bikinis that wash your truck (or car ) while you watch. They also say they have a hot tub. I went to a place like this in the states a few years ago and the ladies did a lot more than just wash your car. Wondering if this is the same thing or not. It is located in a truck area in Ft. Sask ( wildrose is also in a truck area )even if the place is not this type of thing maybee some of the ladies are available for after work visits?

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    Hey Diesel. I would advise to save your gas & time in traveling out to Ft. Sask as I think you'll find it a total let down. I checked it out a few weeks back (I was in the area) after hearing K-Rock was on location. Cost for the wash is $1.00 per minute & when I stopped there was one girl on duty (The owners daughter) & she wasn't that hot. I kind of expected to see some hot looking Hooters type girls. Maybe the've got some better ones since then, but don't hold your breath. I got in my vehicle and left. Don't expect to receive anything more than an expensive car wash. Sorry to disappoint you.

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    Thanks for the info. It would suck to drive out there only for that. TOO BAD. it could have been interesting.

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    If you keep your eyes and ears open, you may find a temporary bikini car wash or two at some automotive place right here in Edmonton. No hot tub, though - just a car wash by some bikini-clad young girls of varying physical beauty. However, the cost is most likely a donation to a very commendable charity, and not to some creepy bastard who sexually exploits his own daughter for a quick buck. So that's OK.

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    charity car wash

    FYI - the Crazy Horse Strip bar (97th Street location) is going to be hosting a bikini car wash for charity.....I think next weekend.

    You might want to look into it.

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    I have seen the CHROME girls just north of argyl on 99st doing there bikini car wash. The girls were ok but I wouldnt waste my money on the wash. A drive by was more than sufficient for me

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