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Thread: sw gets soaked

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    sw gets soaked

    Sitting in heavy traffic tonight between rupert and joyce on kingsway, saw this asian guy on a upper balcony dump about 2 gallons of water on a sw.

    I guess he owned the business below and wanted her out of there. It was nasty, he got her on the head, she was a mess.

    Lots of nice sw out there tonight.

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    poor girl...
    mind you - there is an a-hole born every moment... about a month ago, I was heading to a call downtown (not looking at all like an sw... just some old broad walking across the street) when someone dumped some water out of a highrise... it was my good fortune that the walk light clicked a moment before and I was just out of harm's way when the water hit. I only got a few drops of splash on the back of my legs. Sooo.... it can happen to anyone. Idiots.

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    Scary Music

    There is a 7-11 on that Kingsway and Joyce corner.

    Instead of dumping water, I remember when many American 7-11s would have outdoor speakers play scary music: classical, Chinese Opera, East Indian, etc. to scare away street kids, and gangs from congregating in front of their businesses.

    Even when Manuel Noriega barricaded himself inside a Panama Church and the U.S. military was fearful of a public relations disaster of fighting their way inside, and destroying, a church to extract him, they trucked in giant H-class rock concert speakers and played Twisted Riot's heavy metal music at the church until Manuel Noriega gave up in one day and came out.

    The FBI/ATF should have used the same tactic on the ridiculous 40-day David Koresh / Waco Texas standoff.

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    RE: Scary Music

    If FBI had passed on this secret 'weapon' to US Military.. They could have caught Uday and Qusay alive

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