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Thread: Need a quick sugestion

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    Need a quick sugestion

    Whats the best Escort service here in van city ($$$ are ok fo rme)? Any East indian, Mexican, places???


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    My suggestion, not that I am from Van or know anything about the scene in Van.... just watch the boards and see who has good reviews, which girls post things and how they convey themselves, etc. That way you won't be trusting someone else's advice, because let's face it.....some like it hot, some like it tepid!!
    Good luck

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    there are actually many good escort around here, there are plenty of multi-nationalities in Vancouver and lots of selections.
    For Caucasian ladies, you can either check out the escorts site
    just click on the above underlined link or try some of these ladies out, Saffire, Lisa, babybelle, naughtygirl, (you can find their info by simply do a search on their names)

    For EI SP's, you can find Shivani, praiya, sonica or Samara.

    For Asians, you will find Angelina, Yumiko, Ah Feng, Kimiko, etc...

    good luck, ken

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