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Thread: Is it slow here lately?

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    Is it slow here lately?

    Is it just me or is perb a little slow lately? Is it because of all the 'retirements'? Or the season?

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    Everyone's outside enjoying the sunshine. And apparently most of them have "real" jobs which require them to be up at an ungodly hour, preventing them from becoming the night owls that we are!


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    Re: Lovely ladies, there are some good reasons for the slow down ...

    Originally posted by Squirrel
    Fourthly, many of the retirees have turned the tide and are now offering their own services to women. I for myself, am looking at a conservative six figure income this year ... all coming from the provision of male escort services. I am so busy ... I have not had much time to post on PERB.
    Wow, squirrel - you too?

    Jeez, I'm pulling in a cool $1000 before lunch! Then down to the beach to work on my tan and then I head for the hitrack at night where the BIG money is!

    Yep, just rollin' in dough!

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    I'm not as successful as BT. I only pull in 500$ before lunch, then i head down to the lowtrack at night. Dam these heels kill me. --- Kev

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    Originally posted by Saffire
    Everyone's outside enjoying the sunshine. And apparently most of them have "real" jobs which require them to be up at an ungodly hour, preventing them from becoming the night owls that we are!

    I used to have a "real job" that required me to be a night owl (11pm - 7am). It still screws up by body to this day & that was over a year ago I left that place.

    I think there's many reasons it's slower. People are much more selective in whom they choose. It could partly be a $$$ reason. & a very important reason is it's summer - people are on vacation.
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    yeah, a little bit slow.

    Maybe they're all over at your place giving you those big O's hehehh Everyone but me that is...whine whine whine
    Truly... I forgot!! See what happens from too many drugs in the 70's

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    Most boards tend to have less traffic in the summer. This board has had a sudden influx of women posting away. Oh no look, there is one in the mirror.

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    I think that Squirrel hit the nail on the head with his third point that the prices are out of line with the economy. As for myself once you go above $150 (or $200 for the hour), you are talking about a part of a mortage payment, and it is not a hobby anymore (remember we are only renting the product and not buying). Since most of the sp's with good reviews do not have half hour rates, this limits the op's to play. Second, if you do find a jewel in the rough if you post about her then two things happen:

    1) you can't book time
    2) somebody f's it up by telling her that she should have higher prices, which go up soon afterwards

    So I only post when I have bad service. If it is medium, I don't want to be flamed, and if it is good, I keep it to myself (sorry guys).

    Julia, you might say that I am a "Frugal John" (perhaps I should start a website), but I think that good service should be able to be found at the $150 mark consitently. At that mark it is easy for a woman to make over 10k a month.
    A member that is not protecting the ho's from the bros.

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    Perhaps you should consider a career in politics rather than escorting. You response to Gina Lee while eloquent somehow managed to avoid touching on any of the points Gina brought up. Such skilled verbal gymnastics would serve you well in politics.

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    Fresh Baked goods

    squirrel quote
    "The fresh-baked-goods are healthful preparations that come from a loving and peaceful place within a woman’s heart. They are simply fresh-baked-goods that are created with loving intention. The fresh-baked-goods are nutrition for the heart and soul …"

    Are you a skilled baker and pastry chef? Is there any hope for guys like me, with automatic breadmakers?

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    I think he's talking about chocolat chip cookies... fresh off the pan,


    I'm not particularily active at the moment... money is a big factor, but the other is that I'm getting a little disillusioned with the whole thing.

    (geez...first night clubs & now this). I guess I'm starting to look around a bit and start to wonder if it's time to settle down.


    Let's face it... sessions can be fun, interactive and altogether quite enjoyable... but they are missing something that is becoming more and more important. They can't replace an actual relationship or love interest.

    Maybe it's just the time of year and the wearther...

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    Is it slow here lately?

    NO ITS NOT!!!

    If we are to look at the PERB stats it clearly shows that PERB is on the rise every month.

    For the month of July the only stat that was lower was SITES. I`m not really sure what that is, although i could hazard a guess.

    If you look at HITS there was a huge increase from May to July. From 6,077,559 to 11,036,083. Almost double. --- Kev

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