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Thread: Intresting meetings

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    Intresting meetings

    Okay, someone in another forum mentioned about accidently bumping into a SP outside the normal locations. I'm just wondering how many have and what is your usual reaction?

    For me I would have to say, unless they approach me I won't initiate contact. Then it's just a friendly hello, due to who know's who around. Especially if your with your friends and they say hey how about setting me up with them?


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    Turn it around...

    Your accidently bump into an SP outside the normal locations.

    What do you want her to do?

    Initiate contact infront of your friends (hey, maybe even in front of your mom and dad).

    Or not initiate contact?

    I suspect the Sp wants the exact same as you expect from her. I suspect most pooners act accordingly. Don't you?

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    I have actually...bumped into a girl when she wasn't working. I just nodded my head...I talked with her later about it & she said she felt uncomfortable at the time because she wasn't in makeup & all that. She never told me this, but I had a gut instinct she was uncomfortable because our other lifes popped up...Personally that doesn't bother me.

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    If we are both alone I say Hi or nod, same as I do when I pass any aquaintance. If either of us is with someone then common sense say we both just keep it to ourselves.

    If we are both alone hell sit down and have a beer for all I care, Most of the women I know are darn interesting to talk to.

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    My experiences are somewhat different. I recently bumped into a SP while with another. I didn't see her, but she walked up, grabbed my hand, said hi, and then walked away. The two ladies knew each other. It was awkward for me, but they were cool. At another place, I was walking with a buddy and his SP. We were going to a club. We walked passed one SP that I knew, and she walked up and wanted me to "take her out".

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    vinnie, what did you don then?? did you get a free ride???

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    bigdman, I got a free ride from her, but not on that night. I was too tired to see her. Funny thing, after my first session with her, we stopped talking about the prices regardless of time. I would just slip some cash into her jean pocket as she leaves. In case you guys are curious, she's not based in western Canada, she's selective (a preference for me? ), she has no website, and YMMV.

    On a similar topic, I saw one Vancouver SP a few years ago. The session did not go as well as I liked because she just had an all-nighter. She saw me because the agency had called her to work. Well, she felt bad about it, and she offered to go out with me the next evening on a real date.

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