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    Adult Vacations

    It's vacation time for me and I took a look at adult vacations. I am curious has anyone been on one and how was it?


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    I haven't but there are 2 resorts Hedonism 1 and 2 in Jamaica with clothing optional and it's childfree. That is what you meant by adult isn't it? One has a nude waterslide that snakes thru the nightclub! I can't see how you can go wrong there, agent smith.

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    I've heard about them, there are also other ones I've found on the net as well. Where the you get a girl as your personal guide, all activies included. I'm just generally intrested in hearing from anyone with first hand experience.


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    Post Many options

    I haven`t been to any myself but there have been lots of guys on TERB who have and then written reviews of their experiences, so I`d suggest you do a search over there.

    From what I remember, people spoke highly about Viking`s Adult Fantasy Resort (assuming that was one of the ones you had found via the Internet).

    Good luck.


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    agent smith,

    If you want a personal guide who provides everything, then it depends on your wallet, where you like to travel, and the level of privacy that you seek. I for one am not a swinger. When I'm with a "guide", I don't want to think who's next or what happens if she likes someone else. I can still have an "adult vacation" by avoiding hedonism and swing events. PM if you like.


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