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Thread: Exec Bath/Time Out

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    Lost in Translation
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    Jul 2003

    Exec Bath/Time Out

    Good day hobbyists, any recommendations at EB/TO.....
    seems to me the talent has slipped, help is appreciated.....

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    Not too much to offer but her is what I know.

    Lately the talent is lacking. I have walked out many times because there was nobody I wanted to see.

    Bonnie (I don't think she works her anymore)-late 30's, brunette, good massage, good conversation, GFE, repeat.

    Venus- late 20's, small (o) (o), good massage, talked too much, willing to please...she even offered to come back to my hotel but I didn't take her up on the offer, no repeat.

    Young brunette (can't remember her name), 18 or 19, small (o) (o), poor massage, I couldn't get into the conversation since she was too young for me, ackward with the extras, no repeat.

    Young brunette upstairs (can't remember her name), large girl with large (O) (O), good conversation, good massage, seemed rushed and always talking about the tip, no repeat.

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    parts unknown
    Has anyone ever been able to get full service or DATY from Chantel?

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    Exec Bath/Time Out

    Hey xxrandy,
    You and Mr. Nasty must be refering to a different person with the same or similar handle. I am definately not an undercover cop!

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    what's the latest?

    Tried Tracy a while back. Quite hot. Definitely like to be in charge. I think she has potential. Will repeat.
    Anyone else been there lately?

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    How have the ladies been?

    I notice where Executive Bath is advertising pretty heavily for attendants/staff these days. Is it just cuz it's fall time or are less girls interested in MP these days? I see where some of their desk staff are taking more shifts too.

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    Lost in Translation
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    Jul 2003

    Ex/Time Out

    Has anyone had sessions with Summer or Jodi at Exec.
    Comments, reviews would be appreciated


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    I wish that Charlene would go in the back....god she was fun.

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    Give Tracy from upstairs a try. Seen her a few times. Except for the usual verboten stuff at EB/TO she's a fun time too.

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    It's nice on Ellice..

    Kudus to the people at E.B. They keep their place nice and clean. Desk and phone staff are always smiling and friendly.
    A girl who likes her job can do well there.
    Had a pleasant session with Brandy the other day. To me, she feels like the down to earth sexy girl-next-door type.

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    I was E/B last week (so-so). What are the girls upstairs like. The ones one down stairs were alittle older. Can you get FS and what is the suggested tip.

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    fellas, I was hoping that you could help me out

    I've never been to EB before and don't know what to expect, well I obviously kinda know but I mean more in terms of rates, whats this upstairs and downstairs you refer to and how is it set up when I come in the door etc etc

    Anything you could tell me would be great

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    Well when I was going there, (a few years ago before I moved to Cali) it was hj, bj only and tips from $40-80. YMMV on tips too.

    Not sure what it is now though.

    As for FS, I heard of some girls doing that, but that was more rumour from the girl I went to see than any personal experience.

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    Chantal is now private she is at [email protected]

    To my knowledge no girls do FS at Exec or Time out

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    My Dream Girl is Back!!!

    Guys, I'm happy to report that Lisa (formerly at Nevada) is BACK.

    Time Out (on Ellice / EB downstairs) has her working under the name LAURA.

    Apparently she's just there on the wknd right now, and some wkday evgs.

    I know she was one of the all-time favs at Nevada, she looks as good as ever!!!

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