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Thread: Boys Town (messed up shit)

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    Boys Town (messed up shit)

    I was watching T.V as I usualy do in my spare time. There was this documentry on Boys Town, which is apparently in Vancouver and a block of male hookers?
    Now i have heard it all. Only caught snipits of it, but it seemed like thier clientel was mostly male. Some of you guys are wack. Ah well nothing wrong with being gay I guess, but picking up little boys and haven them turn tricks?
    They should just open a MP, keep the streets clean.
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    Well not my idea of a fun time, but to each their own. As long as they are all legal and keep it low key, they are SW whether M or F.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sperminator View Post
    This was the FIRST thread EVER posted in PERB's Lounge!!, what is the relevance today? Besides you, who cares?

    Sperminator, you really need to get a life outside of PERB, very sad.
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