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Thread: Review - Tiffany from SU

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    Review - Tiffany from SU

    Info: Tiffany's Info

    Looks - 7 (a bit like a biker chick)
    Body 7.5 (smallish bs, several piercings, small tats)
    Attitude - 6 (mechanical, uninterested)
    Service - 7 (all safe, no kissing)
    Repeat: No, thanks

    I booked Tiffany a while ago because of a good PERB review, but I was disappointed. She has a nice, compact body with a smallish handful of perky tits, but is nowhere near a GFE. The photos do not show the small tats that she has surrounding her belly button, and she has some small piercings there, as well as in her eyebrow. She has average, kinda biker chick looks, and looked older than 24.

    She took off all her clothes as soon as she came in, and kept asking to get on with the action, despite my saying that I wanted to take it slower. She was non-demonstrative and mechanical, with no cuddling or stroking. CBJ was average. She was decent at FS with a number of positions including mish and cowgirl, but the vocals were obviously faked. Dont know about Greek or DATY or MSOG (I wasnt interested in another). Too many other girls around to recommend her. SU had a nice setup though.

    The usual caveats apply for a negative review (e.g., she had a bad day, we didnt click, she found me repulsive, Im a vindictive SOB trying to ruin her career, etc).

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    Thumbs up

    Well, Im new here so take my comments as you will
    I only get to Victoria about once a year and always have a great time. Been doing it for years. Its a beautiful little city and I usually meet some rather interesting characters. I do a limited amount of research (perb, etc.) before I go but Im not much into reading or posting reviews. I enjoy the thrill of discovery with my boots on the ground rather than my fingers on the keyboard.
    I had wanted to meet up with Gina but she had just returned from vacation as I was about to leave. I then called SU and set up some time with Tiffany. My experience was much more positive than Rs. I started with a hr but then upgraded to an hour. She did want to start out a little rushed but I took it as enthusiasm. I did get her to slow down by offering her a warm up massage while we chatted and joked a bit. I soon discovered what a sexy giggle she has so I tried to coax more. (Next time Im bringin a joke book.) As we got into the main course she was vocal, oh yea. Obviously faked? Who cares, I encouraged more of it and threw in a few myself. I did wonder how well the sound traveled through the open window to the street below. I think I found out as I left. There was a lady standing just outside the door (and below the window) on the sidewalk. If looks could kill, she would have had me right between the eyes. Interesting location I must say.
    The pix of Tiffany are accuratelong blond hair, etc. Looks 24 to me but Im not that good at judging age. Would I repeat?Oh yea baby!
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    Thanks for the review R the man. Well written and fair. Given the plethora of good gals in Victoria and in particular at SU, there are better choices. If you want a recc, please msg me.

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    I also agree. Good review R the man. Altho your experience with Tiffany wasn't as good as mine. I Like the way you do your reviews.Yea Tiffany was pretty vocal with me too and who knows if it was faked but it sure sounded nice. I would repeat as I figured for the 1 brown early morning special she was worth it. But having said that and I dont get to Victoria that often i would love to try some of the other SU girls too.

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    An honest review R the man, it was a day too late for me though.

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