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Thread: So..countrygirl found a place to work:)

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    So..countrygirl found a place to work:)

    Hey guys.. So, I'm sure some of you know I've been writing on this board the past few weeks, inquiring about places to work. Thanks to everyone that helped me... Well, as of today, it's official. I"m working in Letbridge at Studio Royale, 716 13 Street N, 317 9383... and I"ll be using the name Taylor I'm starting this Saturday night from 5pm to midnight, and Sunday from 10am to 5pm... so, just wondering who is going to be the first to give me a warm welcome? Love, Taylor

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    I would love to, however Red Deer is a tad far from Lethbridge. I will definitely look you up if I venture near there.

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    If you are who I think you are, it is fitting that a princess would be somewhere with Royal(e) in it. Anyhow, Lethbridge is almost 700km from where I live, but I will try to make it there one day just to see if you are who I think you are. If I'm right, the 700 km drive will be worth it.

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    Website is in case anyone is interested.
    Only pics of guys (a guy) there, though :-)

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