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Thread: Julie @ Prestige

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    Julie @ Prestige

    No, I have not seen her yet.

    But something on the website about her vital statistics struck me as being rather odd:

    5'1" ,110 lbs. 32D - 24 - 26

    Is there a typo there that I should be aware of?

    Oh, and has anyone had a session with her?

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    I have seen her numerous times.

    She is probably 5'5. Also about 125 lbs(sorry julie) Recently became more "enhanced".

    She is a good time man. Very sexy body. A little shy at first when comes to playfulness but she opens up quick. Have run into her out of the studio and was discreet and also very nice too.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.

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    I agree,

    I have seen some SP outside of thier work enviorment and have not avoided them, but don't initiate contact unless they do. Besides, how many times do you actually know thier names, and if they have someone they are with or maybe your with someone as well.

    Just be professional about it.


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    Stopped into Prestige last night hoping to catch a "Kitty" show. Both Kitty and Zoe were busy so I decided to stay and TOFTT with Julie.

    Nice body with enhanced "taters", shaved kitty, a belly button ring and ying/yang tattoo on her lower back. Massage was good with nice firm pressure and decent technique.

    I asked for dining privileges but she respectfully declined (doesn't offer it to guys she sees for the first time). No worries, I said so I settled for CBJ and and FS instead. CBJ wasn't bad but I found the FS to be very mechanical. Overall not the worst experience but for two browns I've definitely had better VFM elsewhere. All in all I don't think I'd repeat.

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