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Thread: Self Review - Hamster

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    Self Review - Hamster

    Since the Hamster is low on cash, and none of the low priced SP's are turning his crank, he's decided to give himself a review:

    It was Saturday night and the Hamster's wand was throbbing in his pants. The Hamster needed to release his gonads before they burst due to severe blue ball disease! So the Hamster found himself in the washroom staring at himself in the mirror... The Hamster's first impression was not bad, clean, well groomed, with a kinda sexy farmer's tan going on! No money needed to be exchanged, no small talk, and no worry of STD's. This one is clean...clean as it gets and best of all, no condom!!!! Next came one of the best HJ's of Hamster's life! It started off really slow, but quickly gained momentum. The strange part was...this SP really new how to stroke the Hamster's wand and knew when to stop, to prevent a premature jizz lobbing session! All this, and no words needed to be shared... The building and stopping continued a few more times, until the Hamster had had enough. The Hamster had to release his hot creamy cum, from the bowels of his nads. His Urethra screamed as the Jizz made it's way through his system, finally making it's way to the open air. thursting time and time again out of his body!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........Aaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.........AAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh

    After the Hamster composed himself, he cleaned his own dick and headed...well he headed for the kitchen...

    Looks - 8
    Attitude - 9
    Service - 10
    Toe - N/A
    Bunghole - Never got a look
    Your Friend,


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    Exclamation Too Late..Scar'd For Life

    I already got a visual....thanks a lot Hammy....

    ewwwwwwwwwww but I guess you will be a repeat client as the price is always right
    Last edited by chuck1561; 07-27-2003 at 05:18 PM.

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    *LMAO. Good one!

    Now wonders if any of the divine females who visit the board will step up and do the female version... Fair play and all *L.
    Now that could be something...

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    Hmmmm.. going into the kitchen.. that reminds me, I feel like a corona hehehe
    Prospero, I can't really review myself, but my mini-pearl costed me 29.99 down, 4.29 a month batteries and 10.00 in new towels
    She works wonders she does.

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    Hamster you're a card.

    Kev would like to know, when you were stroking the chicken what lovely visions were floating around in your brain.

    Was it the very lovely busty Angelina, minus the rabbit, or sexy Morgan. We can not play with the joystick without thinking about a very lovely babe. Who turns your crank?

    Looks a 8 i think you're being way to modest.

    I hope this is not another one of those threads that will come back to haunt you. --- Kev

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    ham you are the man

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    Just so ya know Hammy the condom van (aka DEYAS) DT gives out free lube. Hey, why buy the cow when ya get the milk for free!!
    <IMG SRC = "" ALT="If Your Browser Wasn't Such A Hurtin POS You Would Be Able To See My Sig">

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    Correct me if I'm wrong Hamster, but don't you see this SP on a daily basis? What prompted you to give a review of this session, and not the many, many others?

    "Next came one of the best HJ's of Hamster's life!"

    I say you need to start posting the bad or even mediocre sessions or I will be forced to call you nothing but a SHILL!!

    Last edited by Saffire; 07-27-2003 at 12:15 PM.

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    *bursts out laughing*
    HA HA Saffire.. priceless..

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    In my own imagination!!

    Hammy this is my motto...

    ......I have lived by this "Nobody treats you like you treat yourself" Your free to use it if you like.

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    Geez buddy,

    That really is n-ass-ty.

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    OK HAMSTER, the toe may not apply, but no self review would be complete with a description of the bunghole!!! I assume you can reach it.
    Last edited by rickoshadows; 07-27-2003 at 03:58 PM.

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    Talking Thanks for Not......

    Well at least you didn't say Recommended

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    What no contact info?

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    1,179 info?

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