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Thread: Info on Exotic Eve?

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    Question Info on Exotic Eve?

    Long time viewer, first time poster, intermittend pooner....

    Has anyone out there seen Exotic Eve from Vancouver-Exotics? Pictures seem ambiguous, but her cut-your-hair then rub-n-tug concept seems interesting. Curious to know if any of you pooners can provide the old 3-point rating.

    Happy Punting!

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    How does one do a search when the search feature clearly says you need over three letters in the search?


    A couple of years ago I was going to see Eve... Sent a few emails back and fourth and arranged a time to rendevous. But alas she was a no show. Got no email back saying she was sorry something came up yada yada yada. So sent her one asking what happened. She claimed she was a little late due to being held up in her schedule. I found that hard to believe as I tried phoning a few times till an hour or more after the scheduled appointment just to make sure. But no answer on her phone.

    One gets the feeling from her website, being so vague about her services, that she is not a GFE experience though....

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Take care.

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    Couple of years ago I had a great hair cut and a so-so rub and tug from this lady. She has a fantastic man made body,is personable and a talented hairdresser.

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