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    country girl

    Great photos I hope you stay in Calgary.

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    thanks x

    It's nice to get a warm welcome I pm'd you, just to let ya know

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    In my own imagination!!

    Hi Country girl ....

    ...... would you please e-mail a pic or two. I must say I am intruiged and if the guys here wish you to stay in Calgary then so do I.

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    What would be wrong with a visit to Lethbridge now and then, assuming Country Girl located down here? You might find things you like down here (there were some reviews on nightlife down here quite recently).

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    Where r your photos?

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    Hi guys...

    Actually, I decided I'll be working in Lethbridge. I'm going to be in Calgary for the next few weeks, and then I'm going to move there. I already called one of the spas there, it's just a matter of getting in touch with the right person. So, I'm defientely hoping to start work within the next week. I'll keep you guys posted!

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    Albertacuddly, You're going to have to take me out for a drink, to help aqaint me with the nightlife xoxo

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    Country Girl says: 'You're going to have to take me out for a drink,....'

    Country Girl:

    Sounds inviting - but may have to wait a while, as I am leaving town for some time in about an hour.

    So that you don't feel stranded when you get down here:

    the combination (across the street from each other: on 1st Ave. S):
    Top Hat - the only strip club in Lethbridge (with quite a number of lady guests - yes, even at the table throwing coins).

    Then the Sound Garden - 21 is the age limit (no drunk teeny boppers here): with dancing and meeting etc. to the wee hours. It rocks! On weekends that is: i.e. Friday or Saturday from 10 or even midnight (no one in after 2 a.m.). The rest of the week: you better have your own party group if you want it to be worth your while (i.e. it's dead).

    There are also several other bars and dancing places along that same street: within easy walking distance.



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