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    [email protected] Massage

    Well Penthouse has been open for a while now, and they have a good web site, though the pictures are a little hard to see, so I thought id just go in and see whoever greeted me.
    First I have to say that standing outside the place I felt as if it was run down and small, after getting inside and going up the stairs, I discovered that this has to be the sharpest looking MP I have been to. The rooms are very large, they are very very nice, it definetly earns the name Penthouse.
    Its 25 for the massage and tipping starts at 60? or was it 40? cant remmeber. but the FS price was normal, basicly the same I pay eles where, but wow this place is nice.
    As for Savanah? Very attractive, Great body, especialy down there. She also had a good sence of humor and was a plesure to be around. Her acctual massage though wasent good. I plan to go back so that i can try one of thier asian girls and see how they rate against Jade from Deja Vu. Though they have 2 asian girls so that makes me happy allready.

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    also saw Savannah awhile ago, and agree that massage wasnt great, but the extras were good, as she really got into it, as she was even talking a little dirty. Haven't seen any of the asian ladies there yet but have seen Pamela who is great, Sasha was average at best, and Claudia alright, going to check out Melanie one of these days, as she greeted me one day there, and looked really hot but I had a session with Pam already scheduled.

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    Saw Jasmin at Penthouse. I believe she is Jade from Deja Vu. Would agree with the comments about Sasha & Claudia. Haven't seen them at Penthouse but did see them in their past incarnations at Fantasy & Cloud 9. Claudia is very pretty with a great figure. Sasha did not provide FS (which she didn't indicate until well into the session) and BJ was mechanical at best. Based on posts on this and other boards I don't believe she does FS at all. Haven't seen Melanie yet but she's definitely on my list as well. Have seen Amy and Sky, both of whom fall into the good but not great category. Nothing really wrong, but nothing electric. My personal favourite at Penthouse is Krissy. Very responsive and energetic, a real pleaser.

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    can anyone confirm that Jasmin at Penthouse is the one and only Jade

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    Yes. Jade and Jasmin are the same girl.

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