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Thread: Woodchuck to Grey Squirrel.......

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    Woodchuck to Grey Squirrel.......

    .......Woodchuck to grey Squirrel, come in grey Squirrel......over (heavy radio static) "Grey Squirell...go-ahead....over" WC "whats your position....over" GS "about 2 clicks west of the loomis yard...over" WC "roger that, I'm in the DMZ north on Victoria approaching Powell....over" GS "see any other friendlies??.....over" WC " thats a negative here GS, what ever happened here we musta missed it.....over" GS "roger that, wait I see something.....over" WC " what is it, can you describe it?!?!.....over" GS "I don't know, it's big, black seems to be 2 dimensional, length and width, but no depth, taking a closer look....over" WC "roger that, approach with caution....over" GS "I'm at the thresh hold of the anomalie, there appears to be no movement WC, I can almost touch it, I....I....ah!....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh!!!!" WC "(yelling) Grey Squirrel come in, do you read over!!!!!" (radio static and minor crosstalk)

    Sadly GS was sucked into the 2 dimensional anomalie where all the girls go after welly wednesday and are now where to be found on the track. WC was forced to abort the mission and RTB (return to base)

    Seriously, I should know better than to cruise the day after welly wednesday, but that little hot blondie with the SUV was out on Franklin and MCLean. She didn't have a skirt on like the first night I saw her, so she just wasn't getting my juices flowing. Was pretty dead, so I cruised by the Indy area up by Burger King there on Main st. had a boo at what was going on, and went home
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    that post made me giggle hehe
    For the SWs who have their mind on making money rather than getting high, this week is the perfect time for them.
    silly women hehe

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    Jesus Hitrack you got a sense of humour :-))


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    Good one hitrack, we're seeing your creative side. --- Kev

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