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Thread: New crowd on EC site

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    New crowd on EC site

    So.. i am browsing different escort directory sites after a long time and I noticed something strange.. There are bunch of new girls on EC site posted and they all have there websites hosted at the same provider, same desighn similar poses for phtographs.. Even the rates are similar.. I wonder if agencies are now doing this thing of posting their girls as indys like this.. All the photes are touched up in the same way and there is no background but I have a feeling that its the same thing as all the adds with different numbers in the provice news paper go the to few agencies..

    May be i am looking too deep into things.. but thought I should mention..

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    Some of the gilrs that I noticed having everything similar.. are

    Probably they have the same web guy but same rates??? May be one of the girls, if on this board, can explain.

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