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Thread: What is the normal rate for CBJ or HJ?

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    What is the normal rate for CBJ or HJ?

    Hi guys,

    What is the normal rate for a CBJ or HJ (no FS)?

    I don't want the SW. Any SP provides incall for it?

    Thanks for the info.

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    Like many girls will probably tell you , "your paying for the time not what we do" so looks like you would need to find some chik that does the 0.5 hour thing. Although the SW might be preferable because are you sure you would want to pay escort prices just for a BJ?
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    All Inclusive???

    Hitrack honey, lets not send him to an unsavory neighbourhood. Hee hee... HK, many of the MP's in the mainland now are all inclusive which means that you get everything for a price lower then you would say at somewhere downtown. Usually the half hour is pretty reasonable. You could also try the B&S and maybe see if an SP there will come down in price if all you want is a CBJ. True there are some SW's out there who will probably do it for a green, but would you really want to?

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    Swan Lake HJ

    I thought HJ was more of a MP kind of thing. For example I go to Swan Lake for the HJ special. About $80. Girls on rotation.
    Their version of the "loss leader" since it draws men in and then leaves open the possibility of something more lucrative.

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