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Thread: new to calgary

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    Question new to calgary

    I'm flying in to calgary shortly and I have one or two nights there. I have looked over your reviews of certain women, especially the positive reviews of Nevada and Pam.

    Does Nevada allow FK? Pam? I am looking for a GFE.
    Will both allow the full hour, for MSOG?

    Pam looks a bit older. True? Nevanda's photos are very well done, but her face is hard to see. How is she in person? Reminds me of Ginger Lynn.

    Are there any other women who compare.

    Prices seem very much the same for the one hour. Are they?

    I am arriving soon, so the faster I can get a reply the better.


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    Nevada is gorgeous. She's also a good kisser. I heartily recommend her.

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