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Thread: Cabo San Lucas

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    Cabo San Lucas

    I won't waste bandwith on a non-Victoria topic but if you need the inside scoop on this bit of paradise for the hobbyist, PM me.


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    Don't worry about a few bytes of bandwidth hb, spill the beans.
    In return I will let you know about the clubs in Acapulco. One worth noting is the Red Lion or as the locals call it, "El Leon Rojo". It is located close to the zocalo just off the Costera Miguel Aleman, which is the old part of Acapulco, kind of like the downtown area of Victoria. A cool little club that even now I am thinking I'd like to be. But then it's hard to beat Victoria in the summer, which is where I currently find myself, and brings me to the subject of Tiffany from SU. Holy crap, I just love chics that giggle.

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    I agree hornyboy lets here your experience on Cabo San Lucas.

    Many travel here, and need to know the inside scoop. --- Kev

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