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Thread: Sonica's temp. out again.

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    Sonica's temp. out again.

    Hey all,
    Sorry to say, but Sonica has asked me to let you all know that she is out of comission for a little while. She was threatened a few days ago so she's decided to step back for a short while. It was not just a threat to her, but it has caused family issues as well.
    Be patient.

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    This just a reminder that it is not always a nice world out there.... and everyone should be careful, always error on the side of caution..

    I know it is hard but the ladies on this board should at least PM each other so they all know who these useless pieces of trash are!!

    Hope everything works out for her..


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    If she knew the perbians handle on here, I'm sure she would let everyone know. Its not known though.

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    Also, she says she to let you know that she will take clients when she is able to and that anyone can leave a # with me so she can let you know when she will take appts.
    Otherwise just pm me, and I will reply when she is able if phones are not good for you.

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