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Thread: Pooners Choice Awards

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    Talking Pooners Choice Awards

    Well - its been awhile since any polls have been taken - so here goes a new thread in search of that one Victoria Lady who will reign as "Miss Poon Victoria" for the next month! (or so)

    Gents - cast your vote for your favourite Lady and if you want to provide the "reason" for your vote - do so....

    I will tally the votes as of 10:00PM PST on Thursday July 24, 2003 - the results will be published by mid-night Thursday July 24 - in the following award "levels"

    # 1 Award Winner (Best "overall")
    # 2 First Runner-Up
    # 3 Second Runner-Up
    # 4 Third Runner-UP

    You'll have the results with enough time to plan your adventures for the weekend!!!

    You may vote by either replying/posting to this thread OR by sending me a PM (I'll keep your secret).

    The voting will be audited by the most reputable audit firm of Dewey, Cheetham and Howe.

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    Bobbi..Island beuties

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    award goes too...........

    I say melody.

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    # 1 - NIKKI (Chantelle's)
    # 2 - Bobbi (Island Beauties)
    # 3 - Celeste (Seductions)
    # 4 - Harmony (Independent)

    Hon Mention - Melody

    There you have it......

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    Starts tonight

    Melody starts tonight at Victoria's Eden if you want to see what a hottie she is for yourself!

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    Melody and Melony not the same girl but....

    ....the idea of both of them at the same time has to be appealing eh fellas! MELONY has been with Victoria's Eden since we opened and you may have seen her dance at the Red Foxxx. She is the 5'2" brunette with measurements of 34C-24-34 that does duos with red head Shyanne. MELODY on the other hand has worked at other locations in the past and has just started at VE . She is the very young looking 19yr old 4'11" brunette with measurements of 36C-23-32. Learn it, love it and of course love them!

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    She certainly is. And a lot of fun....

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    Question Luscious

    When will Melody's pictures be up? Thanks! ---Moe

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    Actually LA... the Judge's votes were swayed by the numbers - the order of the results presented is the actual order of the number of votes cast... nothing more... nothing less....

    No one tried to bribe the Judge... Damn!!!

    Having Fun as always...

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    Celeste and Bobbi used to have pictures up (Celeste at the old Seduction's site, Bobbi more recently). It is kind of sad they don't have pics up now, cause both are really gorgeous...

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    Melony @ VE not Melony @ E&R

    Hi Alex. Nope not the same lady. Melony is quite a VE favourite so she will keep her name. We have just posted some new pictures of her tonight as a matter of fact! And yes Melody and Lisa pics are in the works!!!

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    LITTLE Alex.... see it for what it is.... a little popularity poll that as I recall you did not vote in... soooo stop whining....

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    LA.... I know you were having fun.... no offense taken.... ever!

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    Smile this is not too offend but

    just to clarify... the people who have voted have seen these ladies ..what purpose would pics serve... the people who voted know what the ladies look don't have to have pics up to be a popular sp and some don't put them up for personal reasons....

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    I think people want to see pics to decide if the ladies picked are the kind of ladies they'd like to see.

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