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Thread: Calgary Adult Fun

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    Calgary Adult Fun

    I used to be on this site, asked to be restricted as for a relationship I saw had lots of potential. It didnt last. Now I cant get back in. I have emailed the administrator several times to no avail.

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    MSN Calgary Adult Fun

    I too have the same problem. Except that I can't even find an e-mail address to even plead my case with the administrator. It just boots me back to the main Communities page. Anyone have the admin address?

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    The manager of calgaryadultfun is Chill.

    [email protected]

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    I've approved everyone in the last couple of weeks so I'm not sure why you can't get in.

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    I've been "approved" but can't get past the adult content page. I click "accept" and get redirected back to the same page again, over and over, no matter how many times I clear the cache...what gives?

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    Do you use IE? I use Mozilla sometimes and it's not compatible.

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    Resistance is futile...
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    I use Mozilla v1.3 without any problems in the board.

    When was the last time to is a little preventative maintenance(PM) on your windows systems? They are notorious for going wonky without a little cleanup and defrag now and then.
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    Still cannot get in. I get through the adult content page and then I get :
    You are Restricted from This Area

    You have been restricted from accessing this area by this group's manager or by Microsoft.

    and that's it. Back to the contents page. I do fairly regular mtce on my system and don't seem to have any other problems. Any ideas??? (Chilli, I was a member awhile ago so I haven't just recently submitted a member request. Should I reapply? How?)

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    I lost the calgary adult fun website(on msn/communities) for some reason. Can someone let me know, what it is?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Actually, I also have access getting in to CAF whenever I use my old computer running Windows 95. The new MSN communities just don't support the old browsers (IE or Netscape), and won't let them pass by the adult content agreement page.

    No big deal for me now that I have a new computer, but it irritates me since I'm sure there was no good reason they (the evil MSN) couldn't keep their damn glorified message board backwards compatible.

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    calgary adult fun

    Thanks SteveTaoo and Katsrin. I got the message.
    They do make it difficult, if you are running, the new systems.
    Thanks again.

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