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Thread: I never know what to put here

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    I never know what to put here

    I see 10 threads on this board that aren't reviews. I came back to my computer after i was going for a minute looked at it, and thought, i swear i went to the escort reviews page.. I was already there
    : /
    So heres # 11 thats not supposed to be here.

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    Oh, and "I never know what to put here" Doesn't mean i don't know what to post on this board, just that i suck at the topic thing.

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    awww Lisa....


    It's not hard......
    I could teach you how not to suck at it.....

    heheheh but then it would become poor little old flacid me and poor little broke you
    and that would take all the fun out of it!!!!

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    Let's shag!

    Lisa, why don't you hook up with the Hamster and then he can give you a full review. If you suck and fuck the Hamster dry, the pooning cronies will come in droves just to get a piece of your ass!

    What do ya say girlfriend?
    Your Friend,


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    Watch out hammy, she's a giggle monster! :P
    I make art!

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    Damnit... I guess thats my 'trademark'.

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    Giggly Girl Trademark

    There are worse trademarks for a SP to have. Part of a true GFE is feeling like the SP is happy to be with you and having a good time. I'm sure the majority of Perberts would pick a giggly girl over sullen cold fish everytime.

    Originally posted by Lisa
    Damnit... I guess thats my 'trademark'.

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    haha.. i like that... 'cold fish'
    I hope my giggle doesn't make it seem as if i'm laughing at YOU...
    that would be bad : /

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