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Thread: SP MP and STrippers which is better Value ?

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    Question SP MP and STrippers which is better Value ?

    Hey guys, just curious as to fellow members' opinion on this topic?

    value for money which is better MP, SP, or Stripper - lap dance ?

    Considering we all have finite amount of funds, which should one invest in for R&R?

    yes I know you cant have FS with lap dance but considering value for fun, which is better?

    Just like to know my fellow members' though on this.


    Pondering Michel

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    I used to hit up a nice Asian lady who offered private massage. Amazing massage, good HJ and not a clock watcher...also very good value. As I spent more time with her things went further with no change in the charge. It was terrific then she decided to move back to China. I think if you don't want sex then private massage is the way to go. I like MP's myself as you have selection, get a nice massage and some action. all for a fairly reasonable cost.

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