Had another romp with Kristy at IB a couple of weeks back. I'd seen her before at Classy's last dump, and she was lots o' fun back then.

News flash: She's still a big horny gal. Still a good ride, just fine when giving head as well. Didn't like pearls as much as she did before, but she still got a necklace.

As reported earlier, a little bigger than most, but worth the ride. Like I said, she f**Ks like it's gonna be the last time she gets it!

On the way out the door...........tallish, with big hooters.

I had to ask "who's that"? Bobbie was the reply. She's next on the list. Looked like a fun rack. The phone gal included her in the list when I asked for tall, open-minded kissers. Anybody taken the plunge yet?