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    MP Pricing

    Greetings Hobbits, As a newbie to the BC scene I have a question. If one goes to a place like E&R and pays for the Bodyrub Plus for example, what does that include for the money. Can one expect CBJ for example? Or is that extra $$?


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    that would be ...

    As far as I know , and E&R with any of the body rub pkgs anything other than a hand release is extra..

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    If you want more than a HR, you should book a gal that offers FS.

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    LA is right. I really think that if FS is what you're looking for, E&R shouldn't be your first choice.

    Girls are there (rather than SU/VE/IB etc) because they either really like to provide the nude erotic massage part or they want to avoid FS. Unfortunately, a few want to be paid at the rate of FS and only rub you a bit, but this is the exception rather than the rule...

    Some (like Veronica/Dallas who are the same women) are extremely talented at both skills. Some open up after several visits because they like you and want you to come back.

    One of the advantages of going there is you can meet very, very newbie girls-- they often will start at a MP before either moving on to the more hardcore agencies or (more often) quit the business after less than a month. They aren't twisted and cynical (yet) and often a lot more fun to be around than some of the "lifers".


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