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Thread: apartment hunt is over

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    Talking apartment hunt is over

    Well after one of the most hectic weeks, I have finally locked down an apartment. Which is right across from Lougheed Mall. I have to take time off to focus on the move. Typical of me to leave things to the last minute. I'll let you know when I'm settled and ready to work from my new location. Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine, spread the sunshine....Bye for now.


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    Meaghan you are getting awfully close to me!
    Gotta love it when naughty girls are in your area.
    Hope your move goes well.

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    Thumbs up

    Hey Meg,

    Congrats on the new move. Good news for us Downtown Vancouver guys

    Good luck on the move.

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    Will have to do a house warming party soon.

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