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Thread: Did anybody else get this Email?

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    Did anybody else get this Email?

    Or am I being jerked off?

    "Hi, I am currently in the process of starting a new escort agency in Vancouver. I am unsure as to what all of you gentlemen expect when you have in/calls - out/calls...I understand the full service part, but what would make my agency have repeat customers. Is there any kind of specific atmosphere you men would like better than others??? I am in massive need of ideas guys...MASSIVE!!!! It should be up and running in a matter of months... I just need positive ideas. If you could maybe do a post up on bigdoggie for me...that is where I got your email addy from, that would be awsome. I just have no time to set up an account and whatnot for bigdoggie, and it is easier to check this email account...I am just to much involved in trying to find a location at the moment.

    Any ideas, agency names....what to offer on the side...drinks, hot tub...anything...and I guess I should add....of all the requests/ideas I recieve, a few of you will be notified personally by me as to a discount offer I have to those who help me out significantly for their first visit.

    Please notify everyone to mail to this address please:

    [email protected]

    Thank you very much, I hope I can get some help from you and fellow men out there who just want their needs to come first!!!

    New Agency Management."

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    Angry Seems suspicious...

    This is the first I heard of such emails. Is it possible to get your email address off of BD? And why wouldn't they leave a name with that email?

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    It's possible to get your emaill address off BD if you checked the box when you registered that allows your address to show (as I did). Normally I would assume that an email such as the one I copied and posted was legit but lately I've been getting some not so friendly vibes off the British Columbia Internet pooning world so I'm going to treat this one a little bit like I would a rattlesnake or some other nasty varmint until I know just what it is.

    The statement, "I just have no time to set up an account and whatnot for bigdoggie, and it is easier to check this email account..." really has me wondering. I mean it took me all of a minute to set up my BD account - definitely less time than it took the anonymous writer to type up the email to me.


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    Exclamation strange emails


    This smells of LE all over it. Maybe Vice has become aware of these boards, and want to interview a few posters. I wouldn't respond even if hell froze over!!!
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers

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    If L.E. has nothing better to do than monitor these boards, then it is my opinion that vice should go stick their own heads in a vice!

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    I agree with the LE assumption. After all, LE plays squeegee kids in Burnaby, smoozes with prospective drunk drivers in bars and for something different, take their dogs for a ferry ride.

    This recent change in tactics is a refreshing display of imagination and a little ingenuity on the part of LE. Perhaps now they will inconvenience enough polititians and lawmakers so that we will get real change in the laws. (hey, one can dream)

    When you stop feeling guilt, you are truly free.

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