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Thread: DejaVu - Party House?

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    DejaVu - Party House?

    As I mentioned in my review, I went in the back door. The view from the front is MUCH different from the back.

    They had as many empties back there as the club next door. Are they hosting parties for their friends?

    As I am typing this I'm wondering "do they offer drinks" to their guests? I know some MPs do this. If they do, then I'm even more annoyed because none was offered to me. Ever studio that offers a free beverage asks you for your preference as soon as you walk in the door. That would eliminate the theory that 'the basic guys don't get a free drink'.


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    i have been offered wine a few times, but inconsitently. I remember going in there valentines day and wow, sounded like they were having a great time in the back.

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