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Thread: PERB should advertise.

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    PERB should advertise.

    Is this site advertised anywhere? I would think that the odd insertion in Monday Mag. and the Buy&Sell would get a lot of new readers.
    More readers =more reviews
    more reviews =fewer ripoffs

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    Interesting sensoria, but advertising costs money. If you could advertise and bring in more revenue, then i could see the point. You could increase membership to 10,000 members or 100,000 members, PERBs monthly costs are still going to be the same.

    I have seen links to TERB, MERB, PERB on other sites. --- Kev

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    Cool monday mag

    well advertising is a good idea if they have the resourses to do so far as Monday Mag is concerned if Iam not mistaken they will not accept ads re escorts that have to do with other sites..even though has gone kaput.. ladies who place thier ads there and have thier own sites are not even allowed to mention thier site in thier ad.. Anway didn't mean to ramble you are right PERB could do with some exposure...

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