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Thread: Northshore area

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    Northshore area

    hey, anyone knows any good escorts or massages in the northshore area???

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    Other than Natasha ( read earlier thread ) i have not found any, although i would not say i was looking very hard either...

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    Yeah I tried her. She is OK. But I only got hj. Are there other services she offers?

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    Well, if Krista (or whatever her name is) is still active, she *can* be a good ride... though she charges a hefty sum.

    Look on Hollywood North Escorts... or EC for her info.

    There are also a couple of MP's... Meridian Spa... but I only went there once right when it opened and was not impressed. There is also an AMP somewhere... can't remember the name. If you pick up a north shore news, you'll see a few... mostly o/c.

    There really isn't that much on the shore.

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    You can try Lily's Skin and Body care. It's on MArine Drive in a very high traffic area. NOt the most ideal location but I suppose most people around there don't realize it is a rub and tug joint. I used to go there back in the day but the girls they had in there were spotty. I had to favorites but they both stopped working there.

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