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    Well Ive been thinking of seeing Jackie in NW. She has some good reviews and doesnt seem to disapoint. However I really need to know how fat she is pardon the boldness.
    I dont mine a little extra on a big boned girl with good curves, but she's been compared to mimi in surrey and mimi practically made me want to chew my skin off.
    Ive seen brandee lee in shes about as big as id go, so the question is jackie bigger than bradee or smaller ?
    better looking ?
    I believe they both give decent service
    thanks guys......poon on

    Its 5 1/4".................but I call it a 6"

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    If in the event that Jackie does read this...& she is to your liking, she may not want to see may want to delete this post & instead keep it on the PM of the people that have seen her (just do a search)...just a kind 2 cents...

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    I've seen both Brandee and Jackie and there is no comparison. Jackie has a very clean high rise apt. that she works out of and is game for almost anything. I had a fantastic session with her (reviewed 2-3 months ago) which included most of the good stuff(dfk, etc.) as well as rimming. She is not tall and not a spinner, but a sexy body with a great rack. Brandee lives in a messy basement suite and while she is pleasant, the mileage isn't anywhere close to what Jackie provides. Price is similar but for my money, Jackie wins out easily.

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    I shoulda been a farmer
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    Jackie- 524-5644.

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    Hey thanks kehoe
    From other posts Ive learn't that Jackies milage is better and believe me Ive done my research.
    I was really wondering more about the body style.

    a 140lb girl can mean alot of things if shes short, athletic, big boned, skinny with a big ass and leggs or tall. All is good

    But what I dont like is the lost leader or something I like to call the " ho factor"

    Some girls dont have to factor this, but most do.
    Some girls factor up like that girl in N. Burnaby Rebecca she has to say she's 120lbs and Im sure she'd be lucky to be a 100lbs soaking wet.

    I dont mind a girl telling me shes 125 when shes 135 I already know shes 135 and if shes 125 when I get there the gods are smiling on me.

    I dont mind a c cup when Im told its a d although Angel in Surrey advertises a dd and they gotta be more than that

    Its the girls that dont include the factor that confuse me. For example: Allison from SL advertises a c cup when I compare shes bigger than some of the advertising d's.: This whole 36 26 36 is amazingly confusing if you start comparing.

    I could go on, but I wont. At the end of the day were all on the same side and Im looking to my pooning buddies for some advice.
    If I dont get any Ill still go and see Jackie.........After all the thrill is in the antisipation is it not.

    Oh and Ass roid.......I probally wont Identify myself as godin when I call Jackie.......just so you can sleep at night

    cheers g

    Its a 5 1/4"......................but I call it a 6"

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    One word about Jackie,


    if I read your post right I would say pass.

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    you're really splitting hairs here with your requirements. Five or ten pounds either way or a cup size discrepancy on the rack seem irrelevant, unless you're talking abou the difference between a flat board and an A cup. For me, its about the whole experience rather than checking the Sp's body fat or cup size. Obviously you have standards but what if she meets every one of your physical requirements but is loaded with restrictions or has a smelly trap? Trust the reviews and your gut feeling.
    For me, it starts with the first phone contact. I know almost instantly if I'm going to connect with this Sp. If she's polite and seems eager to make an appointment, that's the first good sign.
    If she's ready on time and has a nice clean place, that's another positive. More do's than don'ts and the offer of a shower round out the experience nicely. Oh yeah, and anything over 200-250/hr is unnecessary.
    Go for it with Jackie, even if she is not an EXACT match for body type, I can give you an iron-clad guarantee that you will enjoy yourself.
    I've posted this berfore but I'll list again a few ladies that are great experiences for 200/hr or less. I'm sure most will agree. All of these have ads in one or more publication as well as internet.

    Jackie- New West
    Sammara- Langley
    Carmen- Van, Bby
    Leeanne- Rmd
    Paige Adams-Victoria (Van when on tour)

    These are all sexy, classy ladies that provide high energy, very satisfying sessions. All are multiple repeats for me.

    I also want to try Priya, Morgan, and from the island Gina Lee and Sabrina Lane. I suspect none of these ladies will disappoint. Godin, pm me if you have any further concerns or questions.

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    Ive seen Morgan out of that group and she is by far one of the best
    cheers g

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    Jackie & Brandee Lee

    Jackie moved recently to a low-rise apartment a few blocks away. She's a bit bigger than I generally prefer and if it were anyone but her I probably wouldn't go back. But I've seen her twice and will see her again. Great mileage, great attitude. This woman really enjoys her work!

    I've also seen Brandee Lee recently - no comparison. Brandee is nice and has a pretty good attitude, but her place and her appearance were not for me.

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    I have to agree about your good value list. I've seen Sammara, Carmen, Paige, Morgan and Leanne. Each provides a good and unique experience in a range of body shapes and age. There are many other similarly good experiences among indy Vancouver Sps, mentioned almost every day on PERB. I suspect there are a lot of other good ones that just don't get reviewed.

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    A while back I also sought a body comparison of BrandeeLee and Jackie and received no useful response. I have seen BrandeeLee and was not excited at all. BBW are not to my taste. Service was OK but the appearance was too much of a turn off. I can see that a BBW can offer great service but what use is that if the visuals are not there. Frankly I often will accept somewhat poorer service if the looks are there, albeit maybe only once.

    I would love to know what Jackie really looks like - no one seems to want to actually say. I am satisfied that her service is great but as I said, I need to know what the visuals are like as well.

    I will likely take the plunge someday and if I do, I will post my thoughts.

    Kehoe - thanks for your comments - I will have to check out Madonna in Surrey. I assume there are reviews posted somewhere. I have yet to be able to reach Morgan and have given up trying.

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    As stated earlier, there is no comparison between Jackie and Brandee Lee - looks or service. Jackie is shorter, 5'2"ish and curvy in a good way, not the way that a lot of very sloppy, overweight sp's describe themselves. She is latina, dark hair, dark eyes and very cute. Her service is awesome; dfk, digits, bj and how many times does rimming have to be mentioned to convince anyone that might be interested in her to!?!?!!!

    There are pictures of Brandee Lee and reviews on her too so I won't go into a long drawn out description but the condition of her place and the service was enough to guarantee a no repeat for me.

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