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Thread: Why did sign Dan Cloutier?

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    Why Canucks Dan Cloutier?

    Not sure why the Canucks signed this guy. I guess they cant affford a real goalie they're keeping him around for one more year
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    Hello, i saw this and wanted to add that he was not all that bad , help them get to the playoffs just because they didn't beat minisotta doesn't mean anything. They wiped out the blues for christ sakes. It seems to me that cloutier gets better every year you look at the previous year to the one we just had big improvement. I love hockey and I have faith that he will do great this year. anyways chow .

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    But the Canucks can't afford a Joseph, or an old Burke. Okay at one time they had Burke and foolishly let him go.
    Cloutier thankfully is still young. There could be some upside potential to him. Canucks don't really play a defensive style, they still give up too many chances.

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    yeah but you get what you pay for and all the had to wait around until the red wings decided to get rid of one of their goalies with the dominater coming back

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    This year was the first year I've ever watched hockey. I also got REALLY into it hehe. Yelling and screaming, even threw stuff when I got frusterated. Personally, I think Cloutier did well in the beginning.. Does he have experience in the playoffs? I'm not sure of everyones history. Playoffs seems like a totally different game to me. A lot more pressure and it seems with every goal scored on him he got worse. If he's never been in the play offs the intensity might have caught him off guard.
    Ha... looks like I'm making excuses for him! Maybe i just feel bad for the guy.. saw a lot of Cloutier bobble heads lying around the streets!

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Not that I am trying to defend Cloutier here, but there are many good goalies around, its either those retired or way too expensive that those will not be the Nuckheads budget.

    As for Curtis Joseph,
    I don't think he can carry the Wings pass second round, he's flopper. He is similar to Cloutier, good in the regulars but sucks in the playoffs when it's really counted.
    I guess you guys did not forget while he was being interviewed after he signed with the Wings last year, right?
    Media asked him why he left the Leafs, he told them that they will see what he would be doing in June this year;

    guess what, guys, he was playing golf in early May this year while listening to the Leafs game on radio in a golf course. Hehehehe!!!


    I rest my case.

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    "Like a hoop around a barrel" - give me the telestrater!

    All you with sore ankles who fell off bandwagon, you can crap on me next year at this time if I am wrong but I think Cloutier is a good goalie on verge of being great.

    Canucks defence strategy allowed too many odd man rushes and shots that were screened from too high out (D-Man turning forward into middle versus out to the sides - it is a good idea for quick break outs but sucks for a goalie).

    Cloutier is an emotional young man with lots (tons) of natural ability. He is as athletic as Roy in his prime and likely as hot headed. Give the Canucks one, maybe two more real D men (sorry Sopes, you don't cut it) and lots of people around the league will wonder why Cloutier's SP goes way up and he doesn't let in late soft goals - COZ there won't be any late chances.

    Did it hurt to lose to a crappy team (well, good team of crappy players) - something fierce. But it must have hurt more in Denver. Cloutier is top 10 in the league and perhaps top 6 this year. IMHO.

    Oh yeah, while I have the telestrater out - I am predicting Henrik hits 60 points, Daniel sees some serious pine and 'Bert wins Art Ross.

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    The simple logic is if they don't sign Cloutier, "NOW" who are they going to get that is as equal to Cloutier or better for the price.

    There is no one that can match Cloutier on the market. Its easy to sit on the outside, and say they should do this, and that, but if your club is on welfare, and you don't have the money, then you compromise.

    If we can improve the defensive in front of Clouts, the Canucks will be a much better club. --- Kev

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    if they don't sign Cloutier, "NOW" who are they going to get that is as equal to Cloutier or better for the price.
    Two words....Martin Brochu !!

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    No frills.

    I think Arturs Irbe is still available, on the cheap. At least he didn't get booed out of Vancouver. Has a few memorable playoff upsets in his Sharks vs Flames, and Sharks vs Detroit days.

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    Arturs Irbe could be quite expensive for a backup goalie...

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    Martin Brochu is not the same caliber goalie as Clouts. I believe words such as sive, and useless were used to describe his efforts. When he came up from the Moose there was alot of talk, but he never worked out. I don't even know were hes playing, maybe in Europe somewere. --- Kev

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