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Thread: Help-I want the best

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    Question Help-I want the best

    I have heard only good thing about the following SP's. Who should I choose between Rebecca-Deja Vu; Ariel,Jessie, from Fantasy. Since it will be my first time with any of the above, I will only go for massage and HJ, if the service is good, I will then upgrade on my next visit. I will be going to Edmonton shortly and I will go to the one that has the most votes among sp's listed above.

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    Isn't it a matter of personal preference? Of the three names Jessie is the older. The other two have received many favourable reviews. Use the search function and read the reviews. Do you really want someone else to make the decision for you?

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    I also want the best - if I know beforehand

    Fellow Pooners: Do you guys have any web sites for all the establishments in Calgary? Would like to check them out before I visit! Thanks a million in advance.

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    try this

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