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Thread: Valley girls / tri-city / tri city

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    Valley girls / tri-city / tri city

    I never found anything in the B&S, has anyone ever checked the GS papaer, I have never checked it out but I have read that it has the most listings of any paper. I live in the valley and can never find an issue out here.

    Funny that there are no independants out here!

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    The GS always dumps a giant stack at the public library.

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    If you go to and click the province button, then to classified and massages, you will be able to find lots of esorts in the areas you mentioned. Goodluck...

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    Use to be able to get the GS at A&B Sound in Abby. Abby has a few independents, as well as Haney.
    Isn't there a massage parlour type place in Aldergrove? I don't know if FS is available. There's a MP in Chilli too, it's been reviewed here before.

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    Try - they are in Langley. Cindy is nice.

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    alternatives for abbotsford...

    Hmmm...special ladies is about 40 min drive from Abby....might as well go to Vancouver.

    There are two MP's in Chilliwack. Never tried one (Lotus), other one is never open when I try it...(Blue Bay or something like in GS)

    Indies that I have seen advertising as being in Abbotsford either do not answer the phone, or indicate they want 40+ guys only....

    Massage parlor in Aldergrove is rub-n-tug only...No FS and no BJ, even CBJ. HJ only, although will get naked/topless for more $.

    Pickings are pretty poor in the pretty much have to get out to at least Surrey to find anything much.

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