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Thread: What about Brandy?

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    What about Brandy?

    Whenever I read any reviews about Brandy, she is always rated as "average"- I'm not asking for all the dirty details but can someone tell me what it is that makes her so average.


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    What makes her average in my opinion is that there is nothing special about her service. She is above average in looks, but not in service. In my experience, she didn't kiss, provided only a brief cbj, wanted more money for MSOG. She just didn't do anything in the service department to set herself apart. Now I wouldn't discourage anyone from seeing her, because as we all know, YMMV. She is not a ripoff by any means, and I think she is worth at least one try. You may get better than "average" service. I hope this info helps. Happy Hunting!

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    I had Brandy and she was great. Granted she didn't kiss and liked to call the shots with the sex, but she was really into it. If you prefer to be dominant, she may not be for you; but I'll certainly be paying her a return visit.

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    What were her rates?

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    i think $250 for outcall, $200 for incall if she still does them

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