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    On The Rock

    So a sent my first review in this afternoon but it did not make it so I screwed up somewhere along the line. Anyway I picked up this little blondie (Keltie) on the corner of Rock and Bay on Friday night. It was a pretty quiet night in downtown Victoria and not much was out. She had this fake Scandinavian accent and was wearing a blonde wig but that was half the ambiance. I ask how much for the full meal deal, she said $70 for FS or $40 for a BJ. I said how about $20 for a CBJ I'm on a budget? To my surprise she said deal. She would have got the $40. She was good and performed the act without her shirt. Nice mid size all natural. She was also very clean, but in a hurry and for $20 who can blame her. I give her a rating of good bang for your buck.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!

    thats not even close to the record...

    FYI , the record in Victoria is $9.25

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    Actually, I'm pretty sure Hipster holds the record -- he's had SW's pay him for the honour of giving him a blow job!

    Hip, if you're on right now, turn on your messenger.

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    The record

    Yes but she puked on him, so I don't think it counts

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