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Thread: Wanna know what I miss about Klondike Days?

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    Wanna know what I miss about Klondike Days?

    About 10 years ago, back when Klondike Days was still the biggest event of the year, the strolls in E-town were PACKED! You'd see about 20 SWs on one short block. Many were centerfold types from out-of-town to handle the K-days tourist trade. If you had the money and libido, it was a feast.

    Today, Klondike Days is an almost-dead shadow of its former self and there are hardly any SWs around - not even during The Fringe.

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    Even going back about 4-5 years ago there are none to be found. The ones that you do find are either cracked out or trannys...great if that's what you're looking for, but if you do find one that's good looking she wants five greens for a CBJ! What the hell? Most of the ones that hang out by the peepshow place on the corner are a)fat, b)ugly, and c)dressed like they just left the bingo hall. The sad thing is the ones that look hot and have the sexy outfits are the TV's. That's just not fair.

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    I agree with Wolverine. Years ago all along 118 ave there were always a ton of hot sw in town for k-days. Many were from out of town and followed the carnival circuit I think. Some were locals acting as weekend warriors looking to make some easy $$. If last year is any indication thing are getting ugly out there.

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    LE Out There

    Originally posted by diesel
    [B If last year is any indication thing are getting ugly out there. [/B]
    LE has been stepping up enforcement during K-Days for the last few years. Better off looking for some fun on the grounds or the beer gardens.

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    Well there must be some girls out still, I still read the odd time they have stings and things. So do anyone know where do the girls hang out these days?

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