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Thread: [email protected] an old mans birthday

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    Post [email protected] an old mans birthday

    Kassidy is not for everyone.

    Ok it was my birthday tonight
    I was going to take Luscious up on her offer ($20 off on my choice from a list of sps) however when I phoned in only Lalyla was on shift and her pictures on the web site did not attract me so I went with my gut instinct. Someone had sent me to the IB site in a pm. Wile wondering around the site I saw a face I knew from the days when SU was on high Quadra, it was Kassidy. I know the pictures are touched up they always were. I know what I am in for so that is ok. We have always hit it off even back when I was not so nice to know. She is not a 10 or even a 9 but she has seen the streets and survived. I paid what I knew I would and got what I wanted. She is a pro; not a been here a couple months single mom, or a just outa high school premadona, a sent to emergency a copal of times pro.
    I had fun and I guess that is the bottom line.


    “If you want Sylvia Saint go to Red Hot Video”

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    She has some nice pics on the IB site!
    Looks like a very nice set of tits.
    What is the cost to see her? and what about the extras cost?

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    Does anyone know what she allows,like DATY, DFK, and does she let touch those nice tits, what are her restictions.
    Thanks Patriot

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    mind elaborating why Kassidy is not for everyone?

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    it is the standerd agencie rate unless you want greek and no she is not Caprice eny more

    "mind elaborating why Kassidy is not for everyone?"

    she is not as young and fit as she one was however she still has hart.

    "she will happily tell you about it"

    yes a practiced pooner will have contemplated how to tell someone to shutup politely.

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    what porn has she done?

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