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Thread: Irresponsible Business Owners

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    Irresponsible Business Owners

    Okay, Mod, feel free to block me again. I don't know how many of you have tried calling VE today, but those who have will note that nobody answered the phones. I was trying to reach VE to book on so I can make a little cash. After trying for a few hours, someone answered the phones. It was Luscious. I was confused as to why the phones were suddenly forwarded to her cell phone. She was short with me and so I told her that I wanted to book on and have been trying to do so for some time now. She got pissy and asked me if I wanted to go in and do phones. I told her that no, I had things that took precidence over covering her shortcomings, and she hung up on me. Very professional indeed. So be warned to all you pooners.....VE will probably have really sketchy phones over the weekend. The only time you are guaranteed to get someone on the other end is in the evenings when the regular phone girl is there.
    Good luck with reaching us, and for those who want to PM me for scheduling know where I'll be

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    ummm Pandora?

    Yer already ON the schedule!

    Victorias Eden Schedule

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    Did she give you a reason why there was no answer when you called? I like find that the phone reliability is better when the agencies have a phone person rather than rotating between the sp's...also avoids a lot of the self promotion when they have a neutral person answering. In the past I have actually found the VE phone person to be very helpful and good natured.

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    Do you think she may have a good reason. you maybe should have kept this private for the time being. It seems you have a problem where ever you work. Just my two cents.

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    Oh dear me, I see dark clouds gathering on the horizon and I can already hear the distant rumble of thunder.

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    Hello Pandora

    This really is not the forum to discuss every disagreement or personal slight you happen to feel that day. You seem to have some history with your employers.

    I cannot let these types of posts continue where PERB is used for lashing back or revenge type motives. PERB stands for Pacific Escort Review Board....not PAYBACK And Reviews Board.

    I will allow Luscious one reply or commentary (if she chooses) within 24 hrs and I will then CLOSE this thread.

    -Victoria Mod-

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    Victoria Mod this is nothing more than a SHILL.

    and for those who want to PM me for scheduling info.....
    Unlike the lets jump on the newbie reviews that we see happening way to much.

    Effeing pathetic, and we have Gina paying coin for advertising on PERB, while this is allowed to happen. --- Kev

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    there was a lot of grumbling when the new vic mod was chosen -- but i think he's doing a very good job of being an enforcer of the rules... really, he's been silent except when toes start getting stepped on and then it's like "all right! enough of that then!"

    just my $0.02


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    Hello XTC

    I am not an enforcer of rules. I'm more like a guidance counselor!

    PERB is not about me...the less I have to interject the more successful I feel about my job duties.

    Moderation isnt a science....its like an art form open to interpertation. I know what I like and I know what I dont.

    I take every potentially volatile situation on a case by case basis. I will issue a warning and I will also relate the reason for doing so. Further action comes with repeated offences.

    -No acts of indescretion
    -No personal attacks
    -No off topic verbosity
    -earn the "right to fight"

    Victoria Mod

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    Hey Kev - why are you harpin' on Victoria Mod for?

    I agree whole heartily with his rules.

    Plus I like the fact that he's not flirting with the girls or chumming around with his buds.

    There was a Boston TBD mod that took advantage of his position and sexually assaulted prostitutes. TBD himself was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We got one thats applies the guidelines fairly and communicates when needed. Lets go with it.

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    Hello all! Up in Whistler checkin out the 'scene' and the scenery. My apologies if anyone had any trouble with getting through on the phones. You know what they say, "Even the world's best laid plans...." Thanks to the Vic Mod for the chance to respond, Hipster for the giggle, and the support from you guys on such an inappropriate post. See you soon!

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    Have to agree with Luscious on this one Miss P. It was an inappropriate post. Your business with your employeer is just that "with your employeer" and has nothing to do with the business of this board.


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    Thumbs down Kev - agree, 100% shilling

    "All publicity is good publicity".

    Miss P, you are a rather intelligent young thing. You get more advertising for free than many SPs who have to pay money to do as such (with a lot less exposure) on boards like this.

    And starting off your thread (in the escort review area no less - not as a pm to someone or in a 411 area - in case it didn't get noticed) with a "Okay, Mod, feel free to block me again" means you learned that martyrdom can have its rewards for a SP if she gets gents on her side.

    Keep up the good work. You are clearly showing signs of getting your SP MBA practicum out of the way.

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