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Thread: Why with the colours?

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    Why with the colours?


    Probably not the right forum for this question, but here goes anyways:

    Why do we, on this forum, always have to refer to money by it's colour instead of just saying the price? I mean c'mon: Oh, the price is one brown, one green and a puple. Please. Just let me type: $125. If law enforcement is using this board for ulterior motives, I suspect that the colour "secret code" will be fairly easily cracked (even by Edmonton's finest), and would probably be admitted in court as it is obviously common vernacular in the trade. But they don't do this cuz they don't care. They can make way more money giving out speeding tickets. So what other reason is there for using the colour code?

    I love this forum, and I plan on contributing more in the future. Just this one little issue that I don't understand.

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    To massageuke... they use the color code to screw up ukrainians... you brown, one green and one purple is $130.00.... couldn't let this go by..hahaha.. another uke here.. lol

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    DOH!!! Not only that, but I can't even spell 'purple' correctly.

    Rats! I hate when I do stuff like that.

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    Could be worse, in the states it is all green, so you have to know your presidents and prominent people in US history , Benjamins, Franklins, Jefferson, Jacksons, Washingtons - you get the drill.

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    This is why my American friends refer to Canadian $$$ as "Monopoly money".

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    I'm in my third year of law, and I'll give you my take. Not referring to the money in specific denominations is useless. A quick scan of these boards would establish the "code" and would be admissable in court. If I was having an ongoing conversation about a murder I commited, but didn't call it a murder but a "tea-party", enough circumstantial evidence( not a bad thing, contrary to poplular television lawyer shows) would be able to provide the context to what the "tea-party" really is. I would not get off on this trivial technicality. But if i makes you feel better....

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