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Thread: Universal massage anyone been recently?

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    Universal massage anyone been recently?

    Sorry, I'm kinda getting back into the game after being a loyalist to Bex but things are starting to get boring. Time for some more fun. I used to go to Universal (around the corner) back in the day but haven't been for a 'coon's age. I'm not into heading to Richmond or BBy, so anything else good around the Bex-ish area?

    I will post some revues but just want an idea of which might be a more successful joint to hit.

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    In the BEX neighbourhood

    There are three MPs within walking distance of BEX. Intrigue by Touch and Broadway Body Care on the south side of Broadway between Arbutus and Cypress. There's also a place on Arbutus (I think?) on the southwest corner with Broadway that I haven't been in to. Has a name something like Japanese Fitness. Intrigue is on par with Tokyo at 4th & MacDonald. BBC says they're "all inclusive." I didn't push to learn how much that includes. If you go to any of them, please report back.

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    ARe you talking about the AMP "Universal" located on Abutus?

    I was there 2 months ago for my friends bachelor's party, There were some nice girls there, but we did not stay due to not enough girls for many of us at the same time. And some of the girls were busy at that time. We, therefore, switched to BEX.

    But I saw at 2-3 beautiful young ones there. DId not try the service though

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