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    Has anyone run into SP's at MP's with STD's?

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    Hailey at Supreme -

    I heard that she may have something....I will not say, but that is what I heard...reliable source...

    I haven't had the experience/chance with her, but I know people who have...So take it with a grain of salt if you wish but remember...

    "If you don't wanna whack it....better DOUBLE BAG IT!"

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    i believe some studios may require it as a condition of employment?

    Of course that wouldn't be in writing but would be strongly suggested by management.

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    In my own imagination!!

    I agree!!

    Lots of different providers read these boards so be careful. I know you are just watching out for us. However we all no the risks. So for me unless it is AIDS er on the side of discretion.

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