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Thread: L'Merage??

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    Question L'Merage??

    Hi Boys, I was just enquiring to whether any of you have been to this place L'merage in Burnaby near Metrotown. Is it worth checking out or is it a rip-off?? I'm new to the board but have been viewing all your great information or sometime now. I partake in pooning activities occasionally, but mostly in the past. I have become alot pickier or my conscious is just getting to me-or is it my pocket book? Anyways, thanks for your great help guys and hopefully I can return the favor!!
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    I've checked out the this MP a few times. Not impressed with the lineup. You are paying top dollar for room rental and most of their SP are older. There are better options out there

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    Nina at L'Merage

    I used to see Nina at L'merage. She's a real looker. I think she's retired now, she was only in her mid/lates 20s at that time. She even mentioned wanting to buy a MP and running it herself. Some women want to retire, but not fully retire. Kind of like Brandi at Brandi's.

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