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    Hey guys. new here and need some help. just checked the above website. Anybody tried her before?? She is quoting $$$ for 1hr. I think it's too expensive compared to AMP or even some better independent SP's. I've searched and can't find a review of her in the board.
    Thanks in advance

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    hi alan

    Do a search and you will find out some reviews regarding Amy.
    I think you have to pass this one. But make sure to do some research first. I believe she also advertises on EC as well.

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    thx guys. but I can only find another Amy's review. i think i'll listen to you and pass this one, bigdman.

    soopergrizz, i think this girl is selling her panties and pantyhose too (probably get the idea from some japanese girl website). i'd rather save up and get another sp than have a smelly panty.

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    The sad part about the panty thing is there are guys out there who will buy it AND in Japan there are vending machines that sell it!

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    Lightbulb Maybe she sells clean piss to people that have to take a piss test

    Sir, we have good news and bad news. Good news is, you passed the piss test. Bad news is, you're pregnant.

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    For $$$, I think you can find a better one with better services. Are you really interested in just Asian??

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    Exclamation You think you have seen it all - then.....


    I may be going out on a limb here but anyone who bottles their urine and sells it over the internet may not be someone you want to pay to spend time with. Just a thought.

    If you are into asians, there are a number of good options in Vancouver at less coin and you are not likely going to be asked to look at their fine collection of bodily fluids in Mason jars on your way out of the apartment.

    Feel free to pm for recommendations.

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    She's the ultimate capitalist.

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