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Thread: Some reviews

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    Some reviews

    I have visited MP on and off for a few years and have decided to pitch in a couple of reviews....

    1) Mona @ Velvet Touch

    - A little on the older side and likes a horrid pink lipstick she gives a great nude massage (lots of body to body rubbing), she does rush things a little and trys to talk you in to an early finish. I have never done FS but she was receptive to digits.... a nice touch was that she came and dries you off after your shower.

    2) Victoria - Prestige, All in all a great experience went for FS and tried numerous positions. Nice and tight to
    The one draw back is that she tends to not look you in the eye.

    My fave of all time used to work at Aristocrats, her name was Nina and she had a russian accent and a killer body. Anyone know where she went (las saw her 3-4 yrs ago)

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    Welcome to the board gondar!

    There was two ladies with Russian accents at Aristocrat. One was more mature (40's) and the other was taller younger girl with a great body. I think you are probably referring the younger lady. Too bad I don't know where she is now.

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    Hey Gondar & Seeker. Nina is still working at Aristocrat as she never left. Phone & I'm sure they will tell you her schedule. By the way she is Czech. The older lady that Seeker is referring to is either Cassie who is also Czech or Eva who is Polish. All three are great. Hope that helps.

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    My MP visits have tended to be spur of the moment and the last time I called aristocrat I was told that she didn't work there so I havn't been back.

    Has anyone seen her lately?

    Last time I saw her she inicated that she didn't do FS

    Is this correct or was she just being cautious



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    It could have been "bad timing" but the girls usually take a few days when that's the case.

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