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Thread: how is the price negotiated @escape

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    how is the price negotiated @escape

    hey guys just wondering how the price of a massage and HJ negotiated at escape for 60

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    You might be able to negotiate the HJ for $60 but you can't get away for paying that room fee which is from 40 to 60, depends on the different MPs. For those room fee, you can only stay for 45 min.

    Simply tell the girl that you only paid $60 for the HJ last time you were there with some other girl, and tell her that's all you have, I think she will do it for $60 , its better than you don't pay anything at all after that 45 minutes massage from her. I think she will compromise.

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    $60 HJ for me.

    I got the $60 HJ from them. I told them I got it at Swan Lake. Okay I admit that I sort of exaggerated the Swan Lake price a little to her, so sue me.

    If they give you any lip horny guy, then I would just roll over and let her massage you somemore, it gives her the signal that she might not get tipped at all. She might have to still pay the room fee.

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