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Thread: Rev of Megan of E&R

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    Rev of Megan of E&R


    Look - 8.5 (she has the girl-next-door look)
    Body - 8.5 (nice enhanced-C and toned body - not athlete-type firm)
    Attitude - 6.5 (we didn't click - YMMV)
    Service - 6 (all safe, too safe - no kissing, not even light kiss, not daty, no bj, not even cbj. HJ substituted to raise the flag).

    Repeat: NO

    Megan has very nice facial features even w/ little make-up. She has nice enhanced boobs, but not very responsive to kisses. She was not vocal during the session, so it's very hard to tell if she enjoyed the encounter. The session consisted of hj, and 3 positions (cg, mish, doggie). She seemed passive and didn't take initiative to please me. Although, I did get a good back rub prior to the FS. I was given the towel to shower @ 45min mark. She quickly got dressed, and needless to say, no cuddling afterward. :-(


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    It's a shame you had a bad experience with Megan, CGE.

    She doesn't normally do FS (that's why she's at E & R) and specializes in body rub plus. I don't think she's really all that comfortable to do the FS thing-- the fact she even agreed to do it with you on your first visit is pretty impressive!

    She's a bit slow to warm up, but with repeat visits, she's great-- just don't pick her if you're looking for FS.

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    Megan a great visit

    Have been meaning to see Megan for some time and notwithstanding the comments from CantGetEnuf I went based on some research and comments by Hornyboy. My experience was the best Ive ever had and better than Rachel and she was good.Megan has a class all to her own and she does not look like the girl next door... she is the girl next door.... It is silly for me to share this with everyone, should keep this secret tucked away...however CantGetEnuf just does not Get it. A GFE is not about just you it is the experience... and had he spent a little time reading some of the [email protected] posts he would realize these girls have a class all to thier own and Megan outshines any of the SU girls and dont get me wrong theyve got great girls.The word girls as apposed to a classy young lady,with a personality humour and smarts...Her pictures on the web are good but really dont do her justice...I had a great time and if you do want to see her then take it slow and treat her right ....youll want to come back ....DoMe

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    [email protected] reviews

    Just a comment with respect to what Little Alex said about the [email protected] review page it does suck....the way it is done....I suggest do it right or not at all.... Do Me

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    [email protected] new girls

    Little alex it seems you have not used this service for some time and appear to be somewhat bitter, I believe you get what you ask for from all the new girls anyway....drop your grudge with Ashley and be somewhat open minded.... Do Me

    PS Understand that most of these girls are selective however it appears so are in most things you receive what you give.

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    I think we Agree on the Principles

    LA I agree with your most recent comment didn't mean to imply anything ,sounds like you may go back that way and weve given good leads on your post....Do Me

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    [email protected]

    LA , I do believe we are on the same page and the girls that I have listed on your post all speak highly of Ashley and in fact Rachel and her sister both had high regard as well.....not all places are perfect but I hope Ashley reads this and recognizes what the client is looking for....till next time ....Do Me

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    megan update

    Further to my last comment with respect to this girl I've seen her twice since that update and Hornyboy stated she really does warm up ,not that we needed that after our first visit....but she feels that much more comfortable after repeat visits however if your looking for anything outside of CantGetEnuf's posting it probably wont happen however I have found her great and will probably see her again soon because I Cant Get Enuf of this Girl.... Do Me

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