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    Question [email protected]

    It's my B-day next week and Im & thinking about splurging can anyone tell me about [email protected] and her Quality of service? Mostly need to know about DATY
    Was going to try XXXXX "butt" frankly can't even stand to read her name at this point. Phfffft.


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    Hello No-Dachi

    Respectfully, you have not earned the right to fight.

    **Contributors to PERB ( that includes reviewers, advisors to newbies and info contributors ) are allowed to fight. Its not difficult to become a contributor

    **Non-contributors ( posters that just make comments ) automatically become non-combatants and will be deleted.

    Victoria Mod.

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    You seem to be losing air. Get a patch quick buddy.

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    Hello ND
    I sent you a little birthday gift in your PM. See you soon hee hee


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